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Chameleon Tippet - Users Have  Said 'Incredible', a must have.

Chameleon Tippet is current available in 2X, 3X, 4X & 5X, $15.00 per spool.  Super strong and high knot strength.  Tested by guides and competition fishers. For April 2019 every spool of Chameleon Tippet will come with a Tippet Spool Retainer.


Simon Hoole Tel: 0210376047
Chris Beattie Tel: 0272236325


Peter Bragg Tel: 0210586725
Brian Willson Tel: 021667867

Ian Cole Tel: 0272080188

Upgrade Your Switch/Skagit Rod With A Superb Top Quality Rod At A Great Price - $369.00

The SKYHIGH Switch/Skagit rods are hand made from IM12/46T Japan Toray Carbon Fiber. with Helix Core to give the best action for the lowest weight.  If you want to get into Skagit with a top rod, or upgrade, do check out this rod.  We at ILFF have put them through their paces on the river and in competition.  ILFF and Fly Junkie Ambassador, Simon Hoole, took 1st place in our local club competition using this rod.  We are confident that you would really appreciate this rod.  For a top quality Combo, add a a Speyco Reel, backing and OPST Commando Smooth and Tip for $1200.00, as we did. We really can't say enough about this rod in terms quality, value for money and superb performance.

PRODUCT WARRANTIES & SIZE GUARANTEE (Jackets, Waders & Boots). All information may be found under the Customer Services Tab at the bottom of the page.


All you need - ready to fish, just add flies and you're in business.  Combo includes #4 10' rod, Reel, Czech Nymph line and Camo Tippet.  What a great price to 'give it a go'. Many have been sold to many happy fishers.  Check out: