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  • A long fiber (25~40mm plus) that is a high sheen streamer dubbing with added sparkle. Ideal for all sizes of streamers. It’s a soft dubbing that’s real easy to use. Many colors to choose from. The Frog is a ZMix color. A ZMix color is made from various Arctic Wind dubbings with two different color enhancers added.

  • A fine 100% Glow in the Dark dubbing. Use as is or blend with other dubbings for late evening, morning or night fishing. Various colors to choose from. A soft and fine dubbing.
  • KRAP
  • This is a very unique dubbing. It has EVERYTHING that all other dubbings have. KRAP Dubbing is made from all the other dubbings blended together into one of my favorite dubbings. All colors are exploding with UV-X.
  • This dubbing was specifically made for tying Woolly Bugger style flies without using chenille and saddle hackle. A short base dubbing with longer legs added gives that chenille and hackle look when used. Use with a dubbing brush, dubbing loop or hank it on. This dubbing is strong, durable, effective with lots of movement.
  • A small to large nymph dubbing with various legs colors using fine leg material. Extra great for damsels, dragons, caddis pupa, large and small stonefly nymphs and others. Use MS Nymph Dubbing in place of traditional materials. After brushing out you have a dressing that provides for wonderful leg movement on every pattern you tie.
  •  Made especially for Scud and Sow Bugs in scud colors. Also ideal for Czech Nymphs. A coarser dubbing easily teases out for legs. Nice mix of various colors/textures.
  •   Similar to The Kraken but with different colors of shredded tinsel, dubbing color and legs. Great color combinations for use in streamer patterns.
  •  A very high sheen leg enhanced soft dubbing. Has various color legs in one leg size. This dubbing is full of legs that give great movement.  Excellent for streamers.


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