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Czech #4 Combo Rod, Reel, Line,Tippet


Get into Czech/Euro Nymphing with this well priced #4 combo.

Ready To Fish - All You Have To Do Is Just Add Flies

All assembled & spooled ready to go.  Available in LH or RH Wind.

This #4 Czech/Euro Nymph Rod & Reel Combo includes:

V-Nymph Rod 1044

Specifically designed for Czech/Euro Nymphing.  10’ long, #4 weight, 4 sections, hard chrome guides, aluminum reel seat, AA cork handle, Cordura rod tube.


HSP Reel 7/8

Glass reinforced nylon makes this reel almost indestructible.  Size 7/8 with a diameter of 95mm.  Stainless steel drag components.  Changeable between right or left hand wind.



Specifically designed #1 Czech/Euro nymph lime 5m long to comply with regulations.  Backed up with 50m of 14lb fluoro and 100m of braid.  On the front on the line is a leader that is constructed from 9’ 0X tapered leader to an orange braid sighter.  From the sighter is a length of 1X mono and then 2X Chameleon tippet to which you attach the flies.  Apart from only adding flies to the dropper and end of the tippet there’s an option to add a third fly.  A short piece of 3x tippet is included to be able to ‘truck & trailer’ a third fly off the bottom ‘bomb’ fly.  Once the tippet becomes too short simply ‘surgeon’ on another piece, Chameleon tippet is available from I LOVE FLY FISHING see:


Combo, 4 weight, Czech, Euro, Nymph, Rod, Reel, Line, Tippet

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