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FLOATANT - HyGel - Stone Creek - Non-Silicone


Stone Creek™ HyGel™ - Premium Fly Treatment

High Floating Gel Classic non silicone based floatant, floats flies longer than silicone based gels.  It liquifies at body temperature and becomes semi-solid again when immersed in cold water, repelling moisture from your flies. Hygel has a human odor scent mask.  It is environmentally safe and leaves no oil slick.  Work a small amount of HyGel into the fly with your finger and thumb.  Do not use too much.

·         Non-Silicone based.

·         Environmentally safe.

·         Non-polluting.

·         No oil slick.

·         Human odor scent mask.

·         Compares favourably with Gink.

Floatant, Stone Creek, Non-Silicone Based, Premium

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