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REEL DM Series Part CNC 4 Sizes (Choose from size drop down)


 Fly Reel DM Series 03/04 – Freshwater.

Outside diameter 74mm, Inside diameter 39mm, Spool width 27mm

Interchangeable RH or LH wind.

The DM series of reels and spools feature combined machine cut and die cast technology at a very competitive price.

Whilst the DM series are super value they are by no means a 'cheap' manufactured reel.  The DM reels are chosen by many to be part of a rod/reel/line combo offering.  Feel good trusting this reel if this is the one for your budget.


Weight Size: 

Fly Reel, DM 03/04, 5/6, 7/8, 9/10, Combines machine cut and die cast technology

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