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Rod Combo #8 - Rod, Reel, Line & Backing


Affordable #8 Rod & Reel Combo - Superb Value for the Price - Assembled Ready To Fish Just Add Tippet And Flies

All assembled & spooled ready to go.  Available in LH or RH Wind.

This #8 Rod & Reel Combo includes:

V-Access Rod                                     BLC Reel                              Backing

Length 9’                                            Diameter 95mm                  Braid

4 Sections                                           Diecast                                 30lb 

#8 Weight                                           Stainless Steel Drag             Orange

Fast Action

Hard Chrome Guides                         Fly Line                                This would have

AA Cork Handle                                  Floating                                to be one of the

K Carbon Tube                                   WF8F                                     best #8 Combos

Aluminum Reel Seat                          Yellow                                   available for

Cordura Rod Tube                             Loops Each End                    the price ! ! !

Combo, Rod, Reel, WF8F, Floating, Line, Backing

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