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Skagit Shooting Head 500 Grain 23 ft Teal Orange


Skagit Shooting Head 500 Grain Teal Orange 23 ft

These heads are longer and are designed primarily for floating line/indicator type fishing or similar.  You can use a sink tip however you need to remember that this will add to the weight of the line overall.  If you wish to fish this way, sink tip type, it's recommended that you use an OPST Commando Head with an OPST Commando Tip.

I LOVE FLY FISHING is proud to represent OPST (Olympic Peninsular Skagit Tactics) USA products in New Zealand.  Check out the OPST Commando Heads, Commando Tips and Lazar Running Line.

>>> Please note that this particular Head is NOT OPST brand. <<<

·         Rod Weight:       See Chart.

·         Length:              23 foot.

·         Colour:              Teal Orange.

·         Connection:       Loop to Loop.

·         NOTE:               The front end is the end with the line ID printed on it.


OPST's Commando Heads represent the culmination of decades of innovation in Skagit casting by Ed Ward. Ed was at the forefront of the "Skagit Revolution", and they have been refining Skagit fishing techniques ever since. These are remarkably efficient, easily casted and enjoyable, for the simple reason that they are specifically designed for SAS (Sustained Anchor Systemology). The philosophy behind SAS is simple: the Skagit cast is a water-based cast, with the rod load coming from the tension between the water's surface and the line. As such, a sustained anchor cast, where the fly remains stationary until the final power stroke, is the most efficient form of casting. OPST lines are shorter than traditional Skagit lines, and perform exceedingly well with a continuous, "out and around" casting stroke. There is no pause before the final stroke; the cast is one continuous motion. Pure Skagit lines take beginning casters and make them effective. They take experienced casters to a whole new universe of casting pleasure. OPST Commando Heads excel on conventional two handed "spey" rods but are optimized for shorter switch rods from 10 to 12 feet. But where these lines really get interesting is in single handed casting. We have taken two handed casting theory, traditionally associated with steelhead and salmon, and applied it to the micro end of the spectrum. Now you can Skagit cast and swing flies for everything from sea run salmon to lake trout, with rods as light as a 3 weight. and on rods as short as 6 feet. The same principles of sustained anchor and a water load apply. You can haul, or not. You can back cast, or not. Roll cast, Skagit cast, just about whatever you want to do, these lines will do it, and they will fly off your rod tip. The FRONT END is the end with the printed LINE ID.

OPST Brand Are Without Doubt The Best Skagit System Products You Can Buy.

Skagit, Shooting Head, 500 Grain, Teal Orange, 23 foot

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